What is the P!nk Bloc?

The P!nk Bloc is a revolutionary queer collective organizing in Montreal/Tiohtia:ke. We aim to be a revolutionary organizing force against all forms of oppression and domination. Specifically, we organize against cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, fascism, and imperialism. We aspire for a universal liberation of bodies, ways of being, relationships, and communities.

Manifestants tenant une bannière qui lit "Féministes et Queers Révolutionnaires"Fumée rose et paraplui arc-en-ciel en arrière-plan

Our strategic axes

une affiche annoncant un pique nique du festival brulances dans un parc

Construction of autonomous queer political spaces

We believe our communities need to build autonomous spaces, independent of state powers, institutions, and private structures. These spaces (venues, festivals, assemblies, etc.) allow us to create a queer political force capable of enduring over time and gathering and supporting our communities. Therefore, the P!nk Bloc is committed to strengthening, supporting, and multiplying these spaces.

Now an autonomous initiative, the annual queer radical festival Brûlances was initially started as a P!nk Bloc project. For more info and to not miss the next edition: @brulances

Community self-defense

We believe that the defense of our communities must be taken into our own hands, and that we cannot rely on the police or the state to defend us. The P!nk Bloc plays a significant role in the fight against the rising transphobia and queerphobia. In the current context, this involves organizing counter-protests to block increasingly frequent transphobic demonstrations, as well as militant political training to prepare members of our communities for future struggles.

Photo de la rue Fullum bloquée par une foule et des gens qui tiennent des bannières. Sur les bannières on peut lire "Transition libération révolution", "contre la transphobie" et "queers against genocide"

Plusieurs personnes tiennent une bannière disant "Fuck les proprios, l'état et la CAQ, Queers bash back!"

Dissemination of queer revolutionary discourse

We consider it necessary to develop, shape, and disseminate revolutionary queer discourses and perspectives that align with historical queer and marginalized movements. This involves creating and distributing of journals and zines, organizing workshops, but also implication with other groups, collectives, and organizations. In queer spaces, we aim to offer an anticapitalist and revolutionary perspective on ongoing struggles. In mixed activist spaces, we provide queer discourses so that our conditions are part of the discussions.

Occupation of public space

We consider it necessary to occupy a visible place in the public arena. Through demonstrations, quotas, actions and speeches, we aim to make our ideals and struggles accessible to all those who can relate to them. When our communities are continually crushed and erased, it becomes essential for us to fight to exist in space, and for all those who see themselves in us to be able to join us. With this in mind, we have maintained a constant presence on the streets since our foundation, whether at our own events (notably our combative pride: RadPride) or in our many generally festive and combative contingents. It's also a way for us to ensure that there's visible queer participation in our struggles. We also occasionally choose to speak out in the media to reach an ever-growing audience. Our ultimate goal is always the creation of a strong and autonomous revolutionary queer movement.

Une foule tenant des drapeaux noirs et roses et rouge et noir