October 21, defend trans youth! we need mass turnout! Counter protest, 600 fullum - 10am

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📍 600 Fullum Street (Quebec Ministry of Education)
⌚ October 21st, 10am

Context :

The 21st of October, an alliance of conservative religious groups, along with an assortment of other individuals from various reactionary and conspiracy theorist groups are organizing a series of protests against “gender ideology” in many Canadian cities.

Here in Montreal, the organizing is mostly done by the “Ensemble pour protéger nos enfants” group, a tiny group with a fairly large audience within certain conservative Muslim networks in the Montreal area.  It’s this same group that organized the “1 Million March for Children” on the 20th of September. The event notably mobilized several hundred people to protest against inclusive education which includes people of various sexualities and genders, under the sketchy pretext of “parents’ rights”.

Regardless of what the organizers say, these protests are part of a larger organized uprising of hate which originated with the far-right, and fundamentalist Christians in the USA. They directly threaten the gains made for trans and non-binary people today, and implicitly also threaten the safety of LGBTQ+ people as a whole.  They specifically target the ability for trans and non-binary kids to understand themselves and see themselves as people worthy of existing in our world.  It’s been proven that learning about diversity and inclusion saves lives, and we can’t sit idly by as these movements put trans and non-binary kids’ lives in danger.  All kids deserve school environments that are safe and where they can thrive!

On September 20th, hundreds of people had shown up to block the previous transphobic protest, but unfortunately the other side mobilized large numbers as well.

Event :

It’s with this in mind that a coalition of trans and queer groups and their allies invite you to take to the streets on the 21st of October to block “Ensemble pour protéger nos enfants” hateful anti-trans protest and their so-called “1 Million March for Children”.

Whether you’re trans, your friends or children are trans, or you’re simply opposed to the ongoing offensive against trans youth and the community in general, we need you on October 21!

We’re gearing up to face big numbers on the other side, and we intend to face them for as long as it takes. If you can’t make it at 10am, come when you can! Follow the P!nk Bloc networks to keep up to date with the situation on the ground!

Allies are encouraged to come!

This time, we’re ready!

Together, let’s put a stop to hatred and exclusion.

Keep in mind :

No place for transphobia
No place for racism and islamophobia
Our goals are trans liberation and youth liberation

Against hate, fascism and exclusion!
Defend Trans Youth!

Guidelines and info :

  • Wear a mask – it’s a useful safety precaution against COVID as well as many anti-trans people film us in an effort to doxx us online. Don’t let them film you!
  • Try and show up with a group, with your friends or with your family!  If you come alone try and stay with the bigger group once arrived.
  • Bring your water bottle!
  • Vegan food and coffee will be provided. Don’t hesitate to also bring snacks!
  • Bring a festive vibe!
  • Allied groups, student groups, unions are more than welcome!  We need support right now more than ever.
  • Bring noisemakers, megaphones, and instruments!
  • Avoid talking to anti-trans people at the protest.  The dialogue necessary to deradicalize them isn’t possible in a loud group context.
  • Avoid talking to police and to journalists.
  • Islamophobic and xenophobic comments will not be tolerated.

If your group wants to endorse our callout, we ask you to contact us at pinkbloc@riseup.net

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